Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch

The Approach S60 golf watch displays information on the screen. It provides a player with required information about the GPS location, course view and mapping. Fits perfectly on the wrist with the buckle and fastener that allow for adjusting. The touch screen is wide and clear to give consumers a wide viewing angle. As the name suggests, S60 golf watch is designed for golf players to enable them keep track and know their scores, understand their course and reach pin among others. It can be used in other outdoor activities like athletes, hiking and camping. The approach S60 golf watch reflects a person’s passion on and off the course.

It can be worn for long

It can be worn for long hours because of the battery life and its soft sleek comfort on the skin. The battery life last up to 10 hours in golf mode and 10 days in watch mode. Considering the functions it performs, this period is sufficient to do something great and constructive. The precise GPS location are identified through course maps by indicating yardages, doglegs and hazards. Contains fastener buckle for fast changes without the need of specific equipments. It has more than 40000 courses around the world giving you varieties of games options. The large 1-inch touchscreen provides bright readable colors for clear and readable displays.

A person can sync the S60

A person can sync the S60 watch with their smartphones to receive text, calls and email alerts through the smartwatch. Life is simple and smart with the approach S60 golf watch. The Garmin golf app allows you to connect with other friends and compete on any leaderboards courses. Rating your progress is easy and fast, weak point is realized early. Players engage their skills and learn new tactics of defeating their opponents and know how to manage time. Time management is essential factor in any game for it stipulates the length a game should last.

Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch

Golf players can play on scheduled time and manage scores with the sensor detector to improve on accuracy detection. The auto-game shot is designed to automatically keep track of distance along the fairway and keep tracks of the game. Get exact playslike distance to decide the best shot for different varieties of games. The touch screen watch allows you to use your hand to touch any point on the map to get the exact measurements of fairways, sand traps and water hazards. Drop the pin accurately at its exact point with the green view that gives you the exact shape of the course from whichever place. In addition, pin pointer provides you the direction of the pin on blindspot situations.

Improve consistency of each swing by understanding the swing speed and club path angles. The Garmin Truswing golf swing analyzer gives you the training needed in understanding swing speed and path angles. This watch is actually a great purchase and great quality, its multi-functional use is advantageous to sports personnel. Cylers can use it to keep and manage time while excising their body and having fun. Get your golf watch with modern style and enjoy the numerous features provided with this product.

Sports personnel can comfortably wear the watch on their wrist for long hours. The wrist band is comfortable and soft allowing long hours of play while wearing it. This watch contains safe knub and buckle that ensure it stays fixed and fit on your wrist. Activity tracking features like the move bar, calories and vibration alerts keeps you fit all day. Players play longer, get personal time piece and personal touches to improve their hitting shots abilities. Play as you receive business email alerts, phone calls and texts messages without accessing your phone.

Time management skills can be managed with S60 watch for it assist in keeping track of distance and time. Golf players play within stipulated time rules of the game. The approach S60 watch is not only used in golf but by all other outdoor activities. Parents can purchase the product for their kids involved in golfing activities to increase their passion and interest. Perfect tool for doing training and match practise before the real competition, all you need to do is manage your GPS location to understand your location and area of play. Enjoy more than 40000 preloaded courses around the world and try out different matches by purchasing the approach S60 golf watch.