Golfers can now enjoy estimating precise distances with Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangerfinder. This product’s size measures about 12 cm by 9 cm by 9 cm and weighs about 234 grams. You can get it at a price ranging between $450 and goes up to $550 which is determined by important and shipping fees.

When you buy your Bushnell Pro

When you buy your Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser, it comes packed with a small case. The case is made with a carabiner which helps to attach it to your bag. Once you open it, your first impression will go direct to the grey and black colors that look glossy and attractive. You will always feel comfortable while holding the Rangerfinder in your hands. It is covered with a rubber armored metal which is highly resistant to water. This character helps golfers to game during rainy seasons without getting problems.

It is equipped with a slope-switch

It is equipped with a slope-switch that helps you to use it in without many complications. This slope button is used to set on and of the slope of element function. The slope of elements give out the real estimate for distances using the laser. To make it work, you have to turn over the switch made with the emblem on one side of the Bushnell Pro XE to set off the slope mode. You can switch from the back button to the forth between the element reading.

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser comes

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser comes with a magnification of up to 7X and varies between 5 and 1300 yards. This is the best as compared to the previous Golf laser and it can magnify things and make them more clearer. The Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser has the best optical that is free of crystals. This gives you easier work when taking a target and makes it quick and more appealing. The magnification is capable of selecting up the flag from an interval over 500 yards away. Bushnell Pro XE is in-built with a BITE magnet to assist you mount and attach your rangerfinder to a golf buggy to reduce inconvenience.

The magnet is strong and can

The magnet is strong and can stick to any metal that comes around. This ability assured you that your Bushnell Pro XE is safe and cannot drop from your buggy. Pro XE Laser is designed with a double display of both red and black colors. This is essential to those golfers who came in sunny regions. The bright red display is easy to read for those golfers who love gaming early in the morning or late in the evening. Bushnell pro XE Golf Laser is made with a handy focus dial that you can use for adjustments during your measurement.

Bushnell Pro Xe Golf Laser Rangerfinder Review

You can make your modifications either in an elevated or lower pin. Your Bushnell Pro XE reads faster and precisely the same time you press the button to estimate the distance. It is fitted with barometer and a thermometer to give you the variations in pressure and temperature for distance estimation. When gaming in different slopes, temperature will be differing with pressure depending on the height. This will result to different measurements as both the elements differ in heights. Jolt has been progressed to a visual jolt that vibrates as the red ring flashes. This makes you to be aware that you have locked onto the pin.

With a Bushnell Pro XE, you can get access to the Bushnell Golf Application through buying of a hybrid. The electronic compass is in-built in your Bushnell Pro XE to allow you read recorded measurements through your hand smartphone. Designed with a Bluetooth that helps you to connect it with your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices. This will assists you to get reports about any changes that may occur with weather and this will help you to plan your events well. It will also help you to match the tracks that you are going to game to give correlating yardages everywhere you are on the track.

Pro XE Golf Laser is powered with lithium-ion three batteries that can sustain the Bushnell Pro XE for long hours. Comes with a warranty of two years that gives you an opportunity to return if it does not function well. In summary, Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser has advanced a lot with the slope elements and the ability to estimate more precise distances compared to other previous rangerfinder. You can consider spending your money to buy this item and enjoy Bushnell’s new technology.